I’ve captured some really great images of birds that can now be bought in card form:

Fairy Wren – This tiny adult male Superb Fairy Wren is only around 8 cms.  These are one of the most brightly coloured Fairy-Wrens, especially during the breeding season.  This photo was taken during a 4WD camping trip in Gloucester tops.

Crimson Rosella – On a walk around the dam at Barrington Tops near our campsite at Pole Blue campground we saw this Crimson Rosella.  I love how the bright red pops in amongst the bushland colours.

Golden Honey Eater – Hiding under a bridge in Coraki is a beautiful river. We were bird photographing with my friend Lochie Cooper who is a bird nerd and a great photographer too!  He called this bird who was one of a breeding pair.  They are fast moving birds so I was lucky to capture this great shot.

Wild Australian Cokatiel – This Wild Australian Cockatiel was found where it belongs, in the wild, in Mutawintji National Park.

You can find this pack and others here in the shop.