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Adventure Photography Sam McPherson

For me adventure and photography go hand in hand. Each is an excuse to go and do the other. Driving my 4WD to remote locations, camping, exploring, even just escaping for the day so I can capture the natural world is an expression of freedom.  My work is all about nature.  Sometimes it will be the small details and other times the wider landscapes, wild birds and animals.  I love all things outdoor adventure. I’m a big fan of action and adventure movies and am also a producer of electronic music and a 4WD and e-bike enthusiast.  Initially photography was an excuse to go outside and spend time with friends who also liked photography, but over time it became a passion.

I live in the Northern Rivers, a beautiful region of North New South Wales in Australia, near the famous Byron Bay.  This area is filled with rainforests, waterfalls and mountains as well as beaches. These places are the main subjects of my photos. Growing up on a farm, I learnt the importance of an outdoor lifestyle and working for yourself.  I love to photograph from my point of view transporting people who see my photos to the place it was taken and showing them the world from my perspective.

As much as I love the technical aspects of photography and prioritise excellence in my work, most importantly I want my photos to help people get away from it all. I love nature and adventure, freedom and independence. My photos are a way of sharing this love with others. To allow people to experience the feeling of being out in nature while also having a beautiful image to decorate their home or office with. I can have pretty bad anxiety in crowded places so getting out into nature is an anxiety free space, a place where I can be free.  I want other people to experience this relief and freedom through my work. 



Sam McPherson – Artist CV

Emerging Photographic Artist and Music Producer based in Lismore NSW. Sam’s work is all about nature, connection and freedom. Utilising and innovating with technology, combined with a love for adventure and the great outdoors, Sam’s photographic works aim to reconnect others with the calming beauty of the natural world. 

Education/Artist Training

Current Study – Bachelor of Digital Media, Southern Cross University

Screenworks NSW – Auslan Film Making Project a workshop series completed- 2020

Diploma of Electronic Music Production 

SAE Institute – completed 2016

Certificate III Electronic Music and Sound Production 

SAE Institute – completed 2014


Earth, Air & Water a photographic exhibition 

Arch studio gallery, July – August 2021

Crankfest 2015 – festival DJ

Byron Bay Youth Festival 2016 – festival DJ

Crankfest 2018 – festival DJ


Sound technician for Screenworks film projects 

– Fearless films Season 2 The Incidental Blacksmith 

   Producer Susie Foster Byron Bay Multimedia

– Screenworks/Creatabilty film The fine art of being Zion

   Producer Susie Foster Byron Bay Multimedia

– Screenworks/Creatability film The Battle

   Producers Sophie Hexter and Poppy Walker    

Custom order canvas prints – Co-work space Lismore.

As well as photographic prints and products sold via website.

Various private film documentation commissions have also been completed.


News article about Earth, Air & Water exhibition: https://www.jeder.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Jeder-Yarns-Newsletter-–-August-2021.pdf





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