If the last few years have taught us anything it is to make the most of life whenever we can.
My dad Steu and I decided to plan a camping trip to Fraser Island(K’Gari) and June is the perfect time of the year to go because it is the quiet time of the year. Fraser Island is a sand island and I famous for sand dunes and wild dingos.
We set off from the family farm in the Northern Rivers and arrived at Inskip point on the first night. We camped there overnight so that we could catch the barge to Fraser early the next morning.
Getting on the barge could be challenging if you didn’t have a 4WD like I do as you have to drive on the super soft beach sand and make sure that you keep your revs up so you don’t get stuck. The trip across the water was so beautiful with the sun rising as we went. Once we arrived on the island we drove straight off the barge onto the beach and the adventure really began.
Fraser has one of the longest beach drives in Australia, 75 miles and we often set up camp right on the beach throughout our 5 night stay.
Having the right gear whilst camping is everything. The first and most important thing is a good reliable vehicle, my Holden Rodeo with its 2inch lift and all terrain tyres is exactly that. I am also fortunate to have my Drifta Stockton roof top tent which quick to set up and offers the best views for beach camping.
Keeping yourself fed is important too, we had a 12volt fridge installed in the back and take a metho stove for cooking also. I reckon food always tastes better when cooked on a metho stove.
Some highlights of the trip were the amazing sand dunes at Sandy Cape, which are the closest you can get to feeling like you are on the moon without leaving earth. Also sitting in camp as the sun set and watching dingos cruise around on the beach was pretty cool too. I saw a whole family of turtles in one of the inland lakes and going there in winter meant that we hardly saw anybody at all.
The only thing that went wrong was when I lost the ladder for my tent on the first day and had to climb up into it from the tailgate for 3 nights until a ranger found us and returned it, which was awesome.
Overall it was a pretty great adventure and I had the opportunity to take some amazing photos too. Australia is so big and has so many different landscapes to explore. I am happy to tick Fraser Island off my bucket list.